Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mark Driscoll Steps Down as President of Acts 29 Network

Read about it HERE.


  1. For those of us reading along here who had no exposure to Mars Hill or Driscoll, what significance does this have on you guys? What do you think it means?

  2. Hi Barb,

    I am not sure what significance it has, if any on us in particular, but I see it as a first step. Matt Redmond has written about his thoughts here:

    I personally think it is a PR move to avoid addressing the recent release of Paul & Jonna Petry's story and accompanying documents. I also agree with Matt that it is an attempt to keep Acts 29 churches from leaving the network due to the constant scandals surrounding Mark Driscoll. JMHO

  3. As Mark would say "it's all about Jesus." It's his cop-out for everything, right?

  4. I personally think Mark is doing this so that he has even less accountability...and to build the MH "empire" without answering to TGC...we shall see.