Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Curious Case of "A Call to Reconciliation"

Why would Mars Hill issue A Call to Reconciliation, and then fail to respond to Kaelee, who was featured in the KOMO News story? 

From "A Call to Reconciliation" (emphasis mine):

"Naturally, we’ve been following these stories closely, and a handful of people have stepped out to discuss their experiences. Quoted in various sources are people who’ve given their stories anonymously. Since we don’t know who they are, we’d love to meet with them and serve them and begin a process of reconciliation. So please, if you’re reading this, do let us know who you are so we can do all we can to love you by sitting down to meet, listen, and serve. For the two mentioned in the KOMO story, we’d love to meet with you also to do the same."

Why, when I filled out the form asking whether or not they would be willing to meet with people under the terms I suggested in my previous post, Why I Won't Be Answering the "Call to Reconciliation", did they respond?  I had a pleasant conversation with the Director of Security/Exec. Assistant to Dave Bruskas via email.

A curious case indeed.

(Copies of form submissions available upon request)


  1. Sophia
    Something's amiss! Driscoll now out at The Gospel Coalition! Just posted by DA Carson. Something major is going on. They are requesting prayer for him and his family as he reorganizes priorities.

    1. I am praying/have been praying for him and his family- really pray for his kids to be protected too-, and am glad he is stepping out of the Acts 29 thing, because I currently go to a church which just joined that movement. I don't want to see our church go down the road Mars Hill has as far as authoritarianism, and so far, our leaders are receptive to comments about this kind of stuff, which is healthy and good.

      Am really glad he is taking time out-am praying that the message has got through to Mark D. that he is equally accountable to the church as his membership are. I don't think any of us who love God want a smear campaign against another believer, what we do need is for issues like the treatment of women and sex and other abuses of authority to be addressed.

      Praying that will be a result of the feedback Mars Hill has been getting- in the press and on cyberspace. PR/covering one's backs doesn't solve anything- facing reality humbly is what is needed. With much prayer.