Paradigm Counseling of Puget Sound

Northwest Family Life

Dr. Sarah Groen-Colyn Psychologist , PhD

Denny Gunderson, MA, LMHC

Jamelyn Keatts, MA, LMHC


Battered Sheep

Church Exiters


Recovery from Spiritual Abuse Website (Jeff VanVonderen)


Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, The: Recognizing and Escaping Spiritual Manipulation and False Spiritual Authority Within the Church by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen

Breaking the Bondage of Legalism by Neil T. Anderson & Rich Miller & Paul Travis

Churches that Abuse by Ronald M. Enroth

Recovering from Churches that Abuse by Ronald M. Enroth

Toxic Faith: Experiencing Healing From Painful Spiritual Abuse by Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton

Faith That Hurts, Faith That Heals: Understanding the Fine Line Between Healthy Faith and Spiritual Abuse by Stephen Arterburn, Jack Felton

Twisted Scriptures: A Path to Freedom From Abusive Churches by Mary Alice Chrnalogar

The Drift into Deception: The Eight Characteristics of Abusive Christianity by Agnes C. Lawless, John W. Lawless
Growing Up Fundamentalist: Journeys in Legalism and Grace by Stefan Ultsein

Tired of Trying to Measure Up by Jeff VanVonderen

Exposing Spiritual Abuse by Mike Fehlauer

I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult by Wendy J. Duncan

The Heresy of Mind Control: Recognizing Con Artists in Leadership by Stephen Martin

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  1. I would also add Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ out in Carnation to the list. Easy drive from Redmond, Bellevue, Issaquah or the Snoqualmie Valley.