Friday, January 20, 2012

Why We Are Here

Welcome to Mars Hill Refuge. We exist to allow a place for people who have left Mars Hill to tell their stories. This is meant to be a safe haven for those who have been wounded by their experience with Mars Hill Church. We have our own story (see Our Story). We have found many stories in various places on the internet, but we believe that those who are starting their "exodus" from Mars Hill need a place to find stories like theirs. When we started seeing red flags, we were very confused and felt "crazy" because you become so immersed in Mars Hill "culture" that you are not sure... 

We have no desire to be a watchdog blog.  While we do feel that there are many things wrong at Mars Hill and with Mark Driscoll's twisted "gospel", we do not want to focus on him but on becoming more Christ-like and helping others discern the truth that sets them free. There are many wonderful blogs that intelligently address these issues.  If you would like to participate in those discussions, you can find links to them on our "Things We Like" page.

Would you like to tell your story?  Please click on the "More Stories" link for more information.


  1. Free-

    I am so impressed that you ramped up this site so fast. I hope to become a regular reader, if not contributor... I pray that the many ex-members of MH who have been severely damaged by MH would find refuge here, comfort, safety and healing.


    No Longer Reformed

  2. I happened across this site today and I'm glad I did. I pray for healing and peace for everyone who has been hurt by Mars Hill! What a wonderful ministry you have started!