Friday, April 4, 2014

Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church Face Possible Litigation

Today, Warren Cole Smith, who writes for World Magazine wrote the following in his post Mars Hill Church moves to destroy documents:

"A group of 16 former Mars Hill members delivered a letter to the church earlier today, asking Mars Hill to delay or rescind the implementation of this policy. In the letter, obtained by WORLD, the group’s attorney, Brian Fahling, asked the church to “preserve electronically stored information that may contain evidence.” Fahling wrote that his clients anticipate legal action in which the church, Driscoll, and others in church leadership “will be named as defendants.” The letter lists anticipated litigation in the areas of “RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act], Fraud, Conspiracy, Libel, Slander, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.”
(emphasis added)

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  2. Regardless of could or could not be going on at Mars Hill Church - who commits to write a blog about their distaste of a church. Bitterness is sin by fellow brother or sister. Jesus loves His church. If you are this broken over whats going on Mars Hill, why don't you commit to praying for them rather than writing a blog. Jesus didn't write blogs, He loved people. I am so broken over this blog. This is just sad. I'm praying for you. You've got to move on.

    1. Of course Jesus didn't blog. They didn't have computers back then.

      But He DID verbally go after Pharisees and wolves in sheep's clothing. He called them snakes and vipers and wolves. Was Jesus 'bitter' and in sin when He did that?
      According to YOUR logic He was.

      But that's just it. YOUR logic is flawed.

      We are His hands and feet. He's not here to stand up against the evil going on at Mars Hill. If He were, He might make a whip and take it in there. Or He might blog about it.
      Who is to say?

      But for those of us who see the evil going on in His name, we can't keep silent just because some clueless people cry 'bitter" and falsely accuse us of sin.

      If you don't like what's going on, then YOU pray about it. And keep your misguided shaming to yourself.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yeah. Let's just put our fingers in our ears and pretend no one is being hurt by Mark Driscoll and his church. Just keep walking, nothing to see here.

  3. I hope you burn in hell.

    1. Hey everybody! Look! A prime example of a bitter, angry, resentful, loveless, unChristian person hoping people burn in hell because they dare to expose the dark deeds and unChristian things done by Driscoll and Mars Hill. What a wonderful example of the rotten fruit produced by that misguided and aberrant "ministry"

      Anonymous, I don't hope that you burn in hell. That would be unChristian, bordering on the spirit of anti-Christ. But I do hope that you find deliverance from the demons that make you think that Mark Driscoll is okay and anyone who doesn't agree is deserving of hell.

      Sorry that you are so far away from God's heart. Hope you find your way back.

  4. I currently attend Mars Hill but over the last several years my husband and I have noticed big changes in the church. mark doesn't focus on the Bible or preach through the historical implication of the Bible anymore its all about his life and his story. i believe that God can still move through the church even though there's problems going on. but for myself and my husband we feeling its just gone too far away from focusing on God and the Bible and more on the theatrical side of the church. with a heavy heart my husband and I have decided to stop going to Mars hilland it truly greves us because we love the church. I do think we need to pray for the church leaders in the church that hopefully they can get right with God the things that are a mess in the church.

  5. Very Christian like of you. Put the fear of going to hell into people so you can control them. Cowards.