Friday, April 20, 2012

A Comment I Really Appreciated

I really appreciated this comment and wanted to share.

AnonymousApr 11, 2012 02:10 PM on Sophia's Story

I have friends who are incredibly influenced by Driscoll (constantly quoting him) and I see many of the same egotistical and misogynistic character traits exemplified in their actions that I also see/hear in Driscoll. I hear them (my friends) say "women are a weaker sex" in public settings and hush their wives (with a wink and a nod) when they are trying to contribute to conversations. There are pathological issues being impressed upon an entire generation of young men that will end in the abuse of many women. It honestly scares me. I have confronted this mentality many times over, yet I am crushed with each new occurrence thinking how their actions must impact their wives. 

I am a reformed believer, a male and a husband, who loves and cherishes his wife and I do everything in my ability to ensure she is protected, cared for and loved. Jesus instructed us (men) to sacrifice our lives like Christ did for the Church. There is an under-emphasis on this kind of humility, love and sacrifice in this "movement." In no way shape or form is my masculinity or teaching authority (as a BS leader) challenged, dismissed or undermined by a woman asking an honest question, making a point in a BS/CG/SG setting or working through an understanding of important doctrinal issues. As adults, civility and mutual respect must rule the day. Unfortunately, my experience is replete with boys pretending to men with chest-thumping, bravado and supposed theological intellectualism (elitism). 

My heart goes out to you women and others caught in this world of control, oppression and shunning. MH is not a fair representation of the application of reformed Theology. From what I can tell, it holds the appearance, but can't pass the sniff test. 

I hope MH/Driscoll repents of these mistreatments and Mark installs real accountability for leadership in their by-laws and protections against those in discipline. The need for Church discipline is necessary, however, it must be done with the upmost care and gentleness. The intimidation, "sin hunting" and "confess your sin history to join the Church" need to go. 

Also, I would encourage you and other "exiles" to seek out a smaller church which is confessional. There is less likely the chance you will run into the "cult of personality" that mega-churches attract and all the mess that comes with it. The PCA or OPC have presbyteries in place to over see and hold accountable wayward pastors, elders and deacons. This necessary protection ensures that people aren't (or at least not for long) held under the thumb of an oppressive authority.


  1. Thank you to a man for saying what a lot of women feel, but either can't, or don't know how to articulate.

    In my opinion, the whole "sin hunting" thing going on lately is such an imbalanced view of things when we are called in the Scriptures - even by many who had necessarily harsh things to say about sin- over and over to focus on Jesus and his LOVE for us!

    We will be known as His disciples by our LOVE, and men and women are equally accountable to show love.

    This whole teaching that men need respect and women need love is a bunch of baloney because it oversimplifies men and women into stereotypes.

    Throughout Scripture I believe it is clear that men and women BOTH need love AND respect. We are interdependent, not codependent, and thank God there are people willing to point this out, whatever their sex.