Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Sad but true in so many lives.  We can do better.


  1. This has been my existence for a while now. I am a Christian and I have been walking the mystical path for some time now. On it, I have found freedom and hope that has allowed me to stay connected to Jesus, but not have to carry the burden of the abusive religion I was raised with. A few of my Evangelical friends have now, in their "love" for me, felt obligated to tell me I am going to hell. I am a Christian, but because I don't read the Bible the way they do or go to church, one of them even told me that every good thing in my life is from the devil. Another said God is denying my wife and I children because we wouldn't raise them in the proper knowledge of God. I remember thinking that a way a little.....I saw judgement as something I felt, but telling someone they were going to hell was just a statement of an opinion based on fact. Now, I can't understand why I ever saw things that way...

  2. Makes me wonder how many people I have unknowingly hurt as I struggled with church, Jesus and His bride over the many years... I pray that Jesus would heal those hearts, and I know that He is bigger than my stupidity and unknowingly immaturity.

  3. Christian Schools really make the students' school life easier to bear. They are given guidance and proper values formation that these students could later use.

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  4. Kate,
    Some Christian Schools are really excellent.
    My mom used to sub at one.
    Other Christian Schools are just terrible.
    Each needs to be judged on its own merit.